Running List Of Things Happening To Me Today, My 29th Birthday

  1. Had to go to the Schuylkill Haven DMV
  2. Didn't have my camera card for the DMV, had to pay $5 for a new one, needed a check or money order (is it 1957?!?) So I had to go across the highway to a Redners grocery store for a MONEY ORDER, which ONLY ACCEPTS CASH to pay for it?!?? (Am I the only one who didn't know that?!)
  3. Then, on my way back to the car from Redners: I passed two men in their cars talking. One guy yells out to me "GIRL I'D EAT BREAKFAST OUTTA YOUR PUSSY" and the other guy says "Dude you can't say shit like that to someone" and then cracked up so loud.
    Okay. Cool. 29 is starting off great. This random stranger wants to eat his breakfast out of my vagina. Wow.
  4. FINALLY get my new license. Get home. @ian_west has the day off school (he's a teacher) and he's grading papers, so we're just relaxing. I'm cleaning the house bc we're having company all weekend, whatever, I actually I don't mind cleaning at all.
  5. Then I get a call from a job I applied for. Didn't get the job. Happy birthday me. 💩
  6. Best frand Alli saves the day. Her 28th birthday was 2 weeks ago, so we always get together close to one of our birthdays. We had this exchange 😍