1. The pop of a champagne bottle being opened
  2. My nieces and nephews laughing and yelling and making noise
  3. My parents cracking up
  4. A Diet Coke can being opened and poured into a glass over ice
  5. The ocean
  6. Lake George
    Birds, breeze, booze, and water
  7. Chalk on a chalkboard
  8. A puppy trying to bark
  9. Nanny Nawny when she answers the phone
    "Well hello there honey! How in the hell are ya?" I call her almost every day, and she always says it! 😊💖
  10. The crunch when you bite into an apple
  11. The Doctor Who theme song
  12. My phone when I get a text from The PettyChat™
  13. When I'm able to make Ian laugh
  14. When my BFF Alli and I are together & we can hear our husbands getting along & becoming BFFs too
  15. When I crack my knuckles or other bones
  16. The sound of my AC kicking on
  17. The song Ian sings when he gets a snow day
  18. The sound of my mom's sneakers when she tied them, every morning throughout my childhood, when we were getting our shoes on for work & school.
    The way the laces would hit the sneaker, I loved it!
  19. The witch cackle that @apantone and I share. Making her laugh is the absolute best.
    Also our cousin Claire has a great witch cackle like us. Love it all! ♥
  20. Popcorn popping.
  21. When my dad sings a weird song about whatever he's doing at that moment.
  22. When my sister says "Omg, Emmy, you're so gullible and easy to tease, you always rise to the occasion!"
    I act extra dramatic around her bc I know it makes her laugh so much 😍🙃😝