(There are no "Worst parts," just anxiety-inducing)
  1. Watching McNulty self-destruct
    Come on, man! You have Beadie aka Holly Flax, don't screw this up. You have a great team to work with. You have good kids. STOOOOOOP IIIIIIIT. Please. His character arc is incredible to watch. The ups & downs keep me so engaged, sometimes it's hard to keep watching, which is what makes this show great.
  2. Kima
    Kima's storyline is killer. Starts out as a cop/going to school, partially for the sake of her girlfriend, and you/she realizes she truly loves being a detective and devotes herself to her calling. Her sense of right & wrong for the team is pretty spot on, even if her personal life gets messy. Watching her learn to love the baby her gf has was so beautiful.
    One of the few characters with a true moral compass, and he's a stick-up boy. He keeps his word, has a code, and takes care of his own. He makes sure civilians never get hurt, and quickly became one of my top 3 fave characters. He's like a bad ass out of an old Western movie. His demise shocked me and broke my heart completely. This actor is so expressive, real, and incredible.
  4. Bunk
    The Bunk! Love him. He is one of my Top 3 faves, easily. Funny, smart, cuts through the bull. He calls Jimmy McNulty on all his crap, which he desperately needs. That "fuck" scene in (I think) Season 1 is one of the best scenes in television ever. He drunkenly sets his own clothes on fire to "destroy evidence" for Christ's sake 😂
  5. Prez
    He becomes one of the best. Starts out so shaky when he's a cop until he discovers his skills as an investigator finding all the patterns and links, but the season with him in the classroom is gold. He really becomes someone you care about, someone who learns to use his skills in a useful way to connect with his students. Omg when he does laundry for Dukie? Be still my heart.
  6. D'Angelo Barksdale
    GTFO if your heart didn't break when he met his end. His mom snaked him into taking the heat for the whole Barksdale crew instead of taking the deal for himself & his son. He was trying to survive in prison, & Stringer had him taken out behind everyone's back. I literally yelled out loud when he was killed. I could not believe it. He became such a sympathetic character when he spoke about his family always being in the business, and how he could have never done anything else w/his life.
  7. Lester Freamon
    Too smart and insightful for the Pawn Shop dept., he's easily the 3rd member of my Top Three Faves. So intelligent, sees every pattern and code, never stops working and investigating, is able to work with Daniels & the rest of the team equally well, and he GETS THE GIRL! Omg just so cute. And he's suave and slick when doling out blackmail to slimy Clay Davis. He's the one everyone looks up to and the one no one wants to disappoint.
  8. Honorable Mentions
    Lt. Daniels has a killer character arc from company man to someone who backs his team and does what's right ⏺ Carver and Herc were the Frick and Frack of the team, and Carver really became someone who worked hard and set himself apart from the rest; he did good work and became an amazing leader ⏺ Stringer Bell set everyone up from the background seat and had everyone fooled. Love Idris Elba in this role though, made him likable as he went to class, set up the co-op, and kept Avon going.
  9. Last, but certainly not least, Bubs, aka Bubbles, aka Reginald
    Watching his life unfold was truly a rollercoaster. I never knew watching a man go up a flight of stairs would mean so much, but it did, and my breath caught in my throat when he did. The best outcome for all the characters on the show for sure. A true good human who paid a price, did the work, and made a change for the better. And funny!