1. Realize I'm more like my Dad than my Mom in soooo many ways.
    I find myself saying things that he said to us growing up, the way I do things around the house, the way I organize things, the way I approach much of life. He's a cool dude. He stays calm, cool, and collected, no matter what; I could use more of that. He's the rock of the whole family, everyone looks to him, even Nanny Nawny. He's steadfast, strong, incredibly hard working, intensely smart and kind, open minded, and insightful.
  2. See my Mom in my personality in many facets...
    And hope I'm half the woman and parent she is. Strong, so driven, fiercely intelligent, warm, loving, fun, silly, calming, comforting.
  3. Love wine nights.
    And love and appreciate the women in my life. We all have a special meaning/place in someone else's life. I hope the role I serve in my friends' & families' lives is a loving and positive one. But wine is 😍😍😍❤❤
  4. Realize how important art is in this world.
    I saw Hamilton the day after the election, and it's the only thing that got me to stop crying. It reminded me that this country is something that I can be proud of, because the kind, strong, loving, open-hearted people outweigh the nasty, uneducated, close-minded people. We can Rise Up.
  5. Take the advice from the women in my life who have lived through what I'm going through now.
    I have gotten so much closer with my aunt Kathy, the older I get. And I love and appreciate her friendship more and more. She has been there for me, through every good and bad thing in my entire life. With my mom being so busy with full-time work and school, I've been lucky to have her, I don't know what I'd do without Kathy and @apantone in my life. They're my bouys in life. They're the ones who noticed I was struggling with anxiety/depression, they keep me silly & happy. I appreciate them ❤🍑
  6. Appreciate the need and the benefit of a good break/vacation 🏝🏖
    Everyone needs a time to relax, reflect, recharge, and reconnect. It does wonders for mental health.
  7. Cannot live without girlfriends.
    They bring me back when I'm doubting myself, feeling depressed, something scary happens, need help, or have something to celebrate. We all need support!! Friends are to be cherished.
  8. Sisterhood is forever.
    Never give up. It is not an easy road, but family never gives up, ever. It takes time, which is okay. We are each entitled to our own feelings and lives, and we can work our way back to being close again.
  9. Realize that being an adult is way harder than I thought it'd be.
    Bills, student loans, mortgage, car problems, jobs, stress, laundry, grocery shopping 🖕, fighting about what TV to watch, making sure your phone is always charged.
  10. Realize being a grown up is fun.
    I can have ice cream whenever I want. (Lactaid Mint Chocolate Chip is 💯💯)
  11. Have accepted leggings/yoga pants as acceptable clothing to wear in everyday life.
    No one's getting judged by me, the woman who doesn't wear real pants. I only own one pair of real jeans- the rest are jeggings 🙌
  12. Realize that people are truly too worried about themselves to worry about/judge me.
    Girl, bye. 👋👋
  13. Want to stay in rather than go out.
    Giphy downsized medium
    I went through a phase in college for exactly 6 months where I liked going to the 1 bar we had in town. Before and after that, I preferred staying in with my friends, and I'd still WAAYYYYY prefer that now.
  14. Feel comfortable in my own skin.
  15. Like decorating my home.