Things I Would Endorse, Were I Famous; Paid or Unpaid, Just Because I Love Them

I have been adding to this list.
  1. French Lavender Body Wash & Lotion by Scentsy
    But they no longer sell it 😭😭 I have to find it on Amazon/EBay, or find another brand 😭😭
  2. Sparkle Pink Chi Hair Straightener
    Got it from my Cosmetologist sister when she got a new one. Love this so much; doesn't make my hair too dry or stringy, it's 4-5 years old and still works like the day I got it.
  3. Old Navy and Gap Outlet
    80-90% of what I own/wear comes from Old Navy or Gap Outlet.
  4. Pilot Acroball pens
    Favorite pens, writes so smoothly, worth the price, and they come in such cute colors!
  5. Excedrin Migraine
    I should just take stock out in this company at this point.
  6. Kindle Fire
    Didn't want one at first, but now I cannot live without it. Having the app on my phone just saves my life completely.
  7. The Howard Stern Show
    Cannot live without Howard, Robin, Fred, and everyone on the show. I listen every single day at work, my husband & I always listen in the car. Best interviewer, best staff, best Wack Pack, best co-hosts.
  8. Nivea chap stick
    Cannot live without this. It lasts for hours, not greasy, super moisturizing, clears up chapped lips so quickly.
  9. Doctor Who
    Greatest show of all time.
  10. Lactaid Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    SO DELICIOUS. Tastes like real ice cream, I love it so so much.