Things My Younger Self Would Be Shocked To Learn About Our Adult Life

Inspired by @justjills
  1. Eating healthy can be delicious.
    And that the metabolism of my younger life WILL NOT last forever, so I better get my shit together.
  2. No, he is NOT your "one true love." Just calm down over there. The One's still out there marinating, just like you are. Be patient.
  3. Your best friendships will form as you get older. Don't worry about dumb high school stuff. Your mom's right, this junk doesn't matter. It gets greater later.
    Also, your instincts are correct: family are the best friends you'll have. Keep spending all your time with @apantone, Molly, and Kelly. Wait til @allisonpage @rmcmaster47 @maegmccord and Jen come into your life, you'll be fine.
  4. Yes, you can continue to order chicken fingers & fries as an adult in restaurants. No one will care.
  5. Your parents are basically right about mostly everything. And they're the smartest people you know. They're super precious and adorable.
    You realize that as much as you want to make them proud, they also make you proud. You're proud to be their kid.
  6. Your intuition is always correct, and you do a good job of following it. Keep it up.
  7. You can keep being yourself without making any concessions. Keep your interests; read, listen to, watch what you want. It makes you who you are, which is amazing.
  8. Taking care of our mental health (SOONER RATHER THAN LATER, DUMMY!) is where it's at!
    There is no reason to live with the anxiety/depression that you do. You have some good coping mechanisms when you're young, but life gets harder as you get older, which is to be expected. You don't have to do it alone. Pay close attention to who notices you're struggling, they're the ones who care for you as much as you care for them. Keep them in your heart, they're the goodies.
  9. You do get married. It's fun, challenging, scary, and awesome.
    @ian_west is an incredible human.
  10. Bad things will happen. People we love will leave us, people we love will pass away. Our heart will get broken. BUT, it makes us who we are.
    So don't worry so much. Have fun more.