Today Is My Husband's 29th Birthday

To celebrate, I'll feature the most important relationship in his life. [SPOLIER ALERT: it's not me. It's his BFF/bromance partner Brett of many many many years]
  1. College roommates 📚📖
    Friends since high school
  2. They've been vacationing together for years! 🌴
  3. They go to baseball games together ⚾
  4. Ian's college graduation gift from his parents was a cruise. When he & his college girlfriend broke up, be brought Brett! 🛳
  5. Pals 4 Life 🛥
  6. On the cruise 😂
  7. In Vegas 🎰
  8. Graduation day! 🎓
  9. Ian, Brett, and their pal Vince 👦👦👦
  10. They call this the "whiffle ball coach" photo, because they think Brett looks like a Whiffle Ball Coach?!? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  11. Brett is in the Navy. They call him Lieutenant Suck It 😂😎
  12. Looking off into the distance, discussing their future wives 👫👫
  13. Ian's 26th birthday. They inadvertently wore matching shirts. 👕👕
  14. Pre-Ian's blackout 😎🏖
    From Ian's bachelor party
  15. Four years ago when all the boys went to visit Brett & his wife Michelle when they were stationed in Norfolk 🏖🏝
  16. Ian obviously couldn't get married without his partner in crime. 🎩
  17. Happy birthday @ian_west ❤❤✨✨