1. 1. First Concert: NSYNC
    With my mom, sister, best friend, and her mom, in 4th grade. And my one of my first panic attacks! Woohoo!
  2. 2. Stripes or Solids:
    I love a stripe!
  3. 3. Who would play me in a biopic:
    When I was younger I was told I looked like Mila Kunis in her "That 70s Show" era. Now that I'm older I'm not sure who I look like other than just me. I feel like Tina Fey/Liz Lemon is very much me.
  4. 4. Fast Food: Wendy's
    Best nuggets for sure, which is the best gauge for a fast food place. 2nd best fries.
  5. 5. Favorite Chip:
    I just found a recipe for dairy-free sour cream & onion dip and it was so good! Tofutti sour cream is LEGIT.
  6. 6. Animal that represents me:
    My family calls me Bird/Birdie. I get lots of bird gifts/items, which I love.
  7. 7. DQ Order:
    Back when I could have dairy, Mint M&M Blizzard!!
  8. 8. Worst Injury:
    Ingrown toenails that keep growing back even though my doc literally removed HALF my toenail last time, the sucker is growing back 😑
  9. 9. Favorite Pastime:
    Books, books, books. Print or Kindle.
  10. 10. Color that I'd be:
    Calm but colorful.
  11. 11. Apple or other:
  12. 12. Morning or Night:
    I used to be a night person, but now I can't hang, so I'm a morning person.
  13. 13. Go-to Song:
    Sorry not sorry.
  14. 14. Recent Book:
    What I'm reading right now.
  15. 15. Favorite Flavor:
    Spearmint gum, Mojitos, etc. Mint all the way.
  16. 16. TP someone's house?
    I would NEVER. That would be rude AF, it would be a mess for the people you are TPing, and it is also breaking rules, which I could never do.
  17. 17. One thing I want but don't have now:
    A job I don't hate. My job now was taken out of convenience, a "port in the storm" and it is a nightmare. I want to find something I enjoy, can feel excited about, and that makes me feel proud of myself again.
  18. 18. Get away: Candlelight Cottages, Bolton Landing
    Lake George, NY.
  19. 19. Change one thing, mental health wise
    I finally got some help for my anxiety, etc., and am feeling better than I have in years. Feeling grateful.
  20. 20. One thing I haven't shared yet:
    I am a hard core Howard Stern fan. Hit 'em with the Heeeeeeeein!