Vacation 🌞🎆

I just realized I never posted a list during or after my Disney trip with my husband! It was our first solo trip since our honeymoon 2.5 years ago and it was so lovely to do things on our own schedule, at our own pace 💑
  1. It was our 2nd anniversary.
    We got a card and some pins upon check-in! The lovely ladies at the Epcot souvenir store decorated them for us one afternoon 😃💑
  2. The first ride we did was "Small World" because it was being closed for renovation on our second day 😀
  3. Dinner the first night was in France.
    Hands down my favorite meal I've had in Disney. Steak with a garlic-lemon butter (I can still have butter, thank God!) and fries. So delicious. The butter was all melty and I could dip my fries in it. Had a nice dry buttery Chardonnay with it. Perfecto.
  4. Had a Lager & Lime with Carl at the Rose and Crown 🌹&👑
    Ian's family has been vacationing at WDW since the 1980s (and his grandpop worked there for a while) so Carl actually recognizes them (and Ian) when we stop in throughout the week. He may not always remember names, but he'll say "Hey guys welcome back, haven't seen you since last (Spring/Fall/Summer/whenever they were there last)" and it's pretty incredible. [Ian's parents go 1-2 times a year, I wasn't kidding when I said they were Disney enthusiasts.]
  5. Guinness and Grey Goose Lemon Martini Break
    Best drink in Epcot. Seriously worth every penny (the martini). Sometimes they have a pink lemonade one that is OUT OF THIS WORLD. In France in a cart/kiosk across from the restaurant. 👌🍸
  6. Dry Champagne in Italy
    The other best drink in Epcot! Italy has a dry champagne that I fell in love with this trip! Last trip it was Italy's Rosa Regale, which I was able to find here at home (a red sparkling wine). This time I got this every time we passed by Italy. 🍾
  7. Lunch in Mexico 🌮🌯🍚
    It looked a little overcast when we left the room. I asked Ian if I should go back for the umbrella/ponchos, he said we'd be fine. We ended up sitting under the Mexico pavilion for 1.5 hours in a TORRENTIAL downpour, eating delicious tacos, guac, he had churros & a margarita, I had a beer. 🍺🌧
  8. Animal Kingdom Tree Show
    I should preface by saying I DESPISE & LOATHE Aminal Kingdom. It's too hot & damp, too close, too cut up & confusing, always smells, and I hate all the rides there. HOWEVER, Ian & I went at night and discovered this is much more fun and enjoyable at night. They do a light/music show on the Tree of Life that is BEAUTIFUL. It's much cooler & less crowded and smelly. I DID have a panic attack waiting for the night Safari, which Ian said was lame anyway bc they were all asleep (I skipped it).
  9. Best drink in Animal Kingdom: Mojito at Dawa Bar
    We drank these while waiting for our Fast Pass for the Nighttime Safari (the one I bailed on after I had a panic attack; don't judge me guys, I wasn't treating my anxiety yet). These were SOOOOO GOOOOD. I had 2 and could have had 7. They typically come with a big piece of fresh sugar cane, but they didn't have any fresh that night. I'd pay any price for these. So good. And our bartender was from PA, near our hometown, so he was great to chat with! 🍹
  10. My parents' names are Mindy & Billy
    So every time we pass by Min & Bill's Dockside Diner, I have to take a pic. Bc I just think it's adorable, and what are the odds that they chose those two names? Too cute.
  11. Love it.
  12. Love it.
  13. He's the best.
    When I got too overwhelmed by the heat or the crowds, he could tell just by how I was talking or walking or acting, so he'd take me to a bench, or a store, or a slow ride in the air conditioning so we could slow down & cool off. I'm very lucky.
  14. Here we are in Morocco
    Our new fave restaurant. Amazing food and atmosphere. We were seated next to these two women who were shit-faced, and watching them try to navigate a dinner was hilarious.
  15. First taste of my true love
    The Italian champagne 🍾
  16. AAAAND we got to see my BFF Kayla!
    She lives in Tampa and came to see us!! We went to dinner and walked around Disney Springs and it was amazing. I cried. She did not bc she never does. But it was beautiful all around. We snapped our other friends all night & they were v jealous 😂👭
  17. Also I am the best bc I was willing to wait around while he rode on a million roller coasters and rides that I hate 🙃
  18. This is my new BFF, Ken
    He has been a chef at Disney for 37 years. He made me my first milkshake (dairy free) in 3 years. He made us a special lunch at The Plaza in Magic Kingdom, devoid of dairy (me) and nuts (Ian). He was so kind, funny, and loving. Made us a special appetizer too, since we couldn't eat much there! The Plaza was BEAUTIFUL. Would go there again in a second.
  19. Wearing our Hamilton shirts in front of American Adventure
  20. Ate at Sci-Fi
    You eat in an old car, in a restaurant that feels like it's outside at a drive-in, watching old black and white SciFi movies. SO COOL.
  21. Best trip. Best husband.