Wonderful Christmas 😂📸

I spent so much time enjoying it, I didn't take as many photos
  1. Christmas Eve with Ian's family.
    In years past, we'd go from my mom's family dinner to Ian's family dinner, never really settling in anywhere, rushing around. This year we picked one place bc we knew we wouldn't see most of his family Christmas Day. It was wonderful to be with them the whole night, seeing the kids open their presents, being there for cocktail hour and appetizers, truly enjoying our night without the rush.
  2. My sister-in-law Jen helping Hailey open her presents from us! 🎁🎄💗
  3. Jen's parents, Mike and Pat, recorded "Twas The Night Before Christmas" a few years ago when Jen had her first child, Dylan, who is now 4. It's tradition for her to play the book for the kids once they all change into their Christmas jammies.
    Jen's dad Mike passed away very suddenly in September. There was not a dry eye in the room this night, when Mike read to us this year as he always does from the pages of the book. Beautiful moment for all of us, as Mike was the best person we all had the privilege of knowing and loving.
  4. Me and Jen! Not pictured are a very pregnant Maegan (who is instructed to sit and relax and not move, even though 30 people were at her house; we took care of everything we could, esp her mom, husband Justin, and sister Robyn) and Robyn who is the fourth and final member of the Weavertown Sisterhood.
  5. Beautiful place setting
  6. Christmas Day
    Ian and I got Nanny a "coupon" for dinner up at our house. We live an hour away, so it's a hike for people to come visit us 😅 This photo was in the "coupon" I made her.
  7. This is her reaction upon opening it.
    Dying laughing.
  8. The. Cutest.
  9. Nanny is the real gift.