TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

I have a two and six year old. They watch TV and we (my husband and I) watch TV. But we don't watch any of the same shows. But that's not what I remember so much from my childhood. My family watched TV together. These were our favorites.
  1. Full House
    My favorites were the episodes with The Beach Boys.
  2. Who's The Boss?
    Mona's inappropriate sense of humor was an inspiration.
  3. Family Matters
    Who didn't look forward to a little TGIF on Friday nights? Our family would order pizza and drink Crystal Pepsi while taking in "our shows".
  4. In the Heat of the Night
    ...which totally sounds like a show inappropriate for family viewing, right? I don't remember anything about this show at all except that it was filmed in the area where we were living. So we'd watch and say, "Ooh! They're at Uncle Floyd's store!" or "Hey! That's Hard Labor Creek!" or whatever other local thing we'd spot.
  5. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
    I did not understand why in the world he had that random braid in his hair, but I'm confident my first childhood crush was Sully.