Celebrity programmers

  1. Dan Abramov
    The quintessential celegrammer. Best known for Redux and getting hired by Facebook specifically because of his open source contributions.
  2. TJ Holowaychuk
    I hear he's actually multiple people. Best known for Express, Koa, pug (at the time called jade), and something like a million lines of code open sourced. Now mostly works on Go, where I believe he carries less celebrity.
  3. Ryan Florence
    Best known for react-router. He gets $1200 per person per day at his training sessions that go over topics freely available online. I'm bad at math but I think he might be rich.
  4. Jeff Atwood
    The biggest blog in tech? Maybe. Known for StackOverflow, Discourse, and Coding Horror.
  5. James Kyle
    Funny dude. Best known for Babel and some other compiler stuff.
  6. Guido van Rossum
    Benevolent Dictator for Life of Python. Currently works at Google.
  7. Ken Thompson
    One of the original greybeards. Known for Unix and Go.