1. Just go to a bar late enough. You'll get approached.
    This has literally never happened to me.
  2. Maybe you're being too selective
    My pastime is to swipe right 100 times unselectively in front of women who say that. I average about 5 matches and let them be the judge of whether or not I should ask the person out (so I don't seem like a misogynist when I say none of them are attractive)
  3. Get OKCupid Pro so you can see who liked you.
    I get like 4 visitors a day when I'm active. It's usually pretty obvious who liked me. (it's typically very easy to identify "no one")
  4. Various pictures advice
    This is another list, but apparently I need to be prominently pictured with at least one male friend who is not hideous but not more attractive than me. And on top of that it needs to be a "good picture". Suffice it to say, I've never taken a good dating profile picture, even when someone who is giving me advice is taking the picture.
  5. Just pursue your hobbies.
    My hobbies are playing video games, programming, and playing music. I have yet to meet one female person while pursuing these hobbies. What you really want is for me to change my hobbies.
  6. I'll be your wingwoman! I'm a great wingwoman!
    No you won't.
  7. Have you tried <dating app>?