1. Hope Sandoval
    current #1 there's just something dreamy abt her everything
  2. Jane Birkin
    tbh i want this to be my final form
  3. Audrey Horne
    sweaters and plaid skirts galore
  4. literally all her looks are so good, i could make a list of just them
  5. 90s Liv Tyler
    literally just such a cutie
  6. Monica Geller
    mostly season 1 and 2
  7. Kelly Kapowski
    my style is much more toned down but she's giving me the biggest summer look inspo
  8. 90s Angie
    she's a mix of grunge and girly and i love it all
  9. Jackie Burkhart
    all i aspire to be
  10. Elvira Hancock
    all that silk. all those plunging necklines.