1. songs w/ "honey" in the title
  2. making wishes on eyelashes
  3. deep breathing
  4. the tapping sounds acrylic nails make
  5. the feeling of velvet against skin
  6. clean sheets
  7. fresh paint
  8. the sound a package makes when u tear it open
  9. the red glow of an alarm clock
  10. driving with the windows down
  11. the smell of lipstick
  12. cracking glowsticks
  13. animal paws
  14. washing ur hands
  15. filling the car w/ things for a roadtrip
  16. the way that person makes ur heart race
  17. rows of nail polish at stores
  18. the smell of freshly washed laundry
  19. farmers' markets
  20. the way some people move their hair out of their eyes
  21. brushing ur teeth
  22. the purple background of a-z lyrics
  23. watching a record spin around while it plays
  24. opening a new bottle of soda
  25. eating cereal at night