Hobbies With Slight Regret

I purchase things with the intention doing some pretty amazing things. Maybe one day I will.
  1. Running Shoes
    I have signed up for 2 5Ks and never showed up on race day. Also I still haven't worked may way to running. I can walk 3 miles like no ones business.
  2. Dulcimer
    This isn't even a picture of my exact instrument, because I am too lazy to dig mine out of the closet. Took lessons for a few months at our public library.
  3. Golf Clubs
    Been actually golfing twice. Fell out of the cart while retrieving my ball on the second outing. First time broke the head off of a driver.
  4. Gardening
    One summer I grew cucumbers and some flowers. Until my downstairs neighbor had to take over watering them halfway during the summer. It just got to be too much commitment.
  5. Kitchen Gadgets
    Kitchenaid Mixer, Waffle Iron, Hot Dog Toaster, CrockPot, and Much More. Maybe one day I will actually use them.
  6. Hiking Boots
    This is my most recent purchase. I live in a National Forest in a Trail Town. There are trails everywhere. Hopefully I will actually use them again.