Yes I have been an adult for a few years, now I am becoming a super adult.
  1. I am not going to wear flip flops to work anymore. Just nice sandals
  2. Going grocery shopping at least once a week to week and a half.
    This is a step up from once a month.
  3. I won't go to work and let my hair air dry curly. I will blow dry it curly if I am running super late.
  4. I have stepped up my skin routine, you need to spend money on what you put on your face. Eye cream is needed.
  5. Water, water and more water.
    It's important to say hydrated throughout the day.
  6. Not all of my food comes from a box.
    Learning how to cook with fresh food is intimating but also very important.
  7. Actually having more than beer and ketchup in my fridge is a healthy life decision.