The first step was he admitted he has a problem
  1. My dad has recently discovered antique and thrift stores. He also has an issue with discovering one item and realizing he needs them all. (In recent months. Oil Lamps)
  2. He also owns 3 properties in 3 different states. Which means more rooms and spaces to fill with antique oil lamps
  3. Tonight we had an in depth discussion on his oil lamps. He tried to give me several. I declined. He showed me ones that he is going to "fix up"
  4. At one point he said he only had 3 in the cabin. Then he paused. Started counting in his head, the final total of lamps in the cabin ...10.
  5. After that moment. He realized he might need to take a break from purchases oil lamps. And he swore the one that the fixer upper is his "last one."
  6. He also stated "I just hate to leave them there in antique stores with nobody there to buy them"
  7. And "I can't keep away from them man."
  8. At one point he asked me why I don't want one and what would happen if my power went out in the winter? I said I guess I would sit in the dark and freeze.
    It's a risk I am willing to take.
  9. Screenshot of a video my dad sent me showing me how an Amazon firestick worked (just in case I didn't know) quality video with his finger but more importantly. Oil Lamp.
  10. I feel like I am turning into my father as I get older. Does this mean I will be collecting some random object one day as well?
    Please God don't let it be oil lamps.