Promo 2016

2016 PPAI EXPO, Day 1 fun!
  1. Emoji stress squeezies.
    Because emojis & stress should not be limited to just phones! We need them IRL.
  2. Logo leggings
    Left chest was so 2015!
  3. Logoed nail decals
    Because when developing your brand you should absolutely match your outfit!
  4. Survival
    When you want everyone to think they can't survive without your whatever...
  5. PMS Polish
    I actually love this! Pantone match your polish! Yes please!
  6. Made in the USA
    Maybe... But probably not. However, I still love the effort, still a sucker for the stars & stripes. I WILL pitch it!
  7. Mirror Mirror on the... journal?
    Because we often jot notes while reapplying that gloss!
  8. This Leatherman bracelet has 29 tools built into a bracelet & looks cool too...
    Not sure what else I can say about that!
  9. Sugarfina
    We all need Champagne flavored gummy bears in our lives! In beautifully logoed packaging of course! 😍
  10. Lanyards & badges ⚡️
    Whoa! Hold up! I need a sample of this one!