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Sunday night, coping with writing an email about preparing for active shooters in the college classroom. Because "America."
  1. Patty Griffin "Snake Charmer"
  2. Moving Panoramas "Harmony"
  3. Wilco "Reservations"
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  1. Ridiculous things people said in the faculty meeting
    Because many educators want coherence, focus, and evidence from their students so badly that they are 90% likely to burn those circuits out by the time they meet.
  2. Ridiculous things I wanted to say in the faculty meeting but didn't because I'm not yet ready to adopt a scorched Earth policy.
    But don't worry your pretty little head: as my father observed when I was quite young, sooner or later I can't out-think my mouth.
  3. Half-read books beside my bed
    An ever-changing, never diminishing list.
  4. Ways I have attempted to describe the experience of watching local sports coverage in Boston
    I'll give you one for free: watching the local news cover Boston sports teams is like a less classy donkey show.
Is it a compliment? Is it seasonal? Is it a demographic thing? Who can say? But it is an ongoing list of ambiguous judgement.
  1. Jack White, rock musicians.
  2. Kale, greens.
  3. Wes Anderson, film directors.
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Many of these are still true, esp. when the mind wanders in the car.
  1. Taller
  2. Batman
  3. An astronaut
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