1. Alex Cross:
    Explore the other aspects of the character, he's a boxer, piano player. Also, feature his partner from the comics,John Sampson. Explore their friendship and brotherhood.
  2. John McClane:
    Do the fish out of water story like the first movie. An NYPD cop in Seattle or San Franciso. There's enough cop shows set in New York
  3. Charlie Baltimore and Mitch Hennessey from The Long Kiss Good night.
    Explore the suburban mom with amnesia whose really a bad ass. Keep the over the top action like the movie while maintaining the gritty tone. BTW, I LOVE THE MOVIE. Just don't see the use of a sequel
  4. Double "0" agents other than James Bond.
    Let's see what these other agents are doing while Bond is tearing shit up in other countries. Also, with the diverse ethnicity of British actors, this could be a very diverse film.
  5. The Green Hornet-
    A character that doesn't need a big budget for effects and superpowers. Just a good chemistry between the leads. And if you go with the Hornet's original mask, you can even cast a character of different ethnicity.