Most of these are mine or are photos of me
  1. Over the summer, two good friends graciously allowed me to come along on a roadtrip for a few days. On PEI, we found a great spot to sleep right by the water and got up at 430 am to take photos of the sunrise. It was one of the most breathtaking moments I've ever experienced out in nature.
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  2. This 80s-vintage family photo. I love moms ribbons in her hair, Levi's Popeye suspenders, and Seth's 'stoned baby' look.
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  3. Em trying on a Dino suit in Asian City.
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  4. As a child, I was fascinated by Glendaloch and wanted nothing more than to go explore there. I got my wish two years ago, and it was incredible.
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  5. Absurdity, thy name is Whit.
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  6. My grandpa as a toddler. This photo always makes me smile - at 82, he looks just the same now as he did then. Always wears a hat, cowboy boots when he can, and has that same gleeful grin.
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  7. My eye, macro lens. My eyes look green to me. My eyes are not green.
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  8. Mesa Arch - another profoundly reverent moment in nature and a glorious sunrise. When we got there to set up the moon was still out, and it was lighting the canyon walls around us with a gorgeous ghostly light. It was incredible to watch the moonlight fade as the sun slowly lit the landscape in front of us.
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  9. Gary the jeep. I sold him, I regret it.
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