Plans for Olympic volunteer downtime (if there is such a thing)
  1. Museu Nacional / Quinta da Boa Vista (if it reopens)
  2. Hike that sketchy trail around the base of Sugarloaf Mountain
  3. Meet delightful foreign men with lovely accents
  4. Catch a soccer game or two
  5. Wander around Urça and drink juice at lanchonetes with ocean views.
  6. Don't get parasites, amoebas, dengue, or anything else that causes diarrhea or terrible pain. Unless the parasites are relatively harmless and result in effortless weight loss.
  7. Visit friends - Saul, Carla
  8. Ipanema Beach
  9. See whatever's playing at the municipal theater
  10. Swing by the SRE and see if anyone I know still works there
  11. Açaí na tigela. Every damn day.