TV shows I've seen every episode of

I know that title ends in a preposition yeah yeah yeah. And it's only shows that are no longer on air
  1. The Office
    Started watching live in season 3. And I haven't stopped since.
  2. Parks and Rec
    Started watching at the pilot. Personally I think season 7 is no bueno
  3. Scrubs
    Made me want to be a doctor and then I was like "oh wait no I don't want to be a doctor"
  4. The West Wing
    AND this show actually fits my Political Science major unlike Scrubs so it's especially motivating for me.
  5. The Wire
    So so real. Most realistic show of all time, so well made.
  6. Friends
    Overrated IMO. I still watched all of it though.
  7. Seinfeld (probably)
    Never watched straight through but I've watched it for so long it just has to be true
  8. 30 Rock
    I couldn't handle this show when it was on but now I think it's great.
  9. Parenthood
    Great show. Watched weekly and cried many a-time
  10. How I Met Your Mother
    This show is just like Friends. I may write about this.
  11. Louie
    This is a very strange show but I love it.
  12. There may be more but I can only put so much effort into figuring out shows I've watched.