1. I wish my makeup came off easier
  2. But then again, isn't that why I buy this makeup, so it doesn't come off?
  3. *smears one eye* what if I just left it like this?
  4. Kind of looks like a black eye, or a really intense smoky eye
  5. Wow this really makes my eyes pop (makeup still smeared)
  6. Maybe one day I should put on eyeliner just to smear it and see what it looks like
  7. Oh wait, I've already done that. It was called my 6th-8th grade career.
  8. Yep wiping it off now
  9. *Gets to second eye*
  10. But I mean seriously, my eyes look AMAZING right now. Does anyone else see how much they POP?!?!
  11. Stop it, Rachel
  12. *moves into rest of face*
  13. Do people that pencil their eyebrows also have to wipe off their eyebrow makeup? That seems weird to me
  14. But, it's probably only weird because it's different, Rachel
  15. Stop being so ignorant, Rachel
  16. Aliens from another planet probably think me putting black paint things on my eyes is weird
  17. Yeah-now don't you fell silly, Rachel!
  18. Oh great
  19. Forgot about that zit/scar/big red bump on my chin
  20. Ugh this is taking forever
  21. It's moments like this where I wish I had my makeup tattooed on so I don't have to take it off
  22. How do you tattoo makeup on?
  23. Like, do you tattoo foundation?
  24. What about blush?
  25. Contour?
  26. I really need to try contouring
  27. But if I'm annoyed with taking off winged eyeliner, I can't imagine taking off contour.
  28. Done-that was quick and painless