We've all had them. Now I'm grading them.
  1. Way too complicated, dude. If you're going to use a pickup line, at least make it smooth. Grade: C-
  2. All this is missing is a "m'lady" and a fedora in the profile picture. Ew. Grade: D-
  3. Background: This guy lives nowhere near me. What is the point?! Also, maybe it's just because of the last guy but I'm imagining a fedora with wings. Grade: D
  4. THIS. THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE. Appealing to the two things I hold dearest in this world. Grade: A++
  5. And this... This is the worst possible message to get: the kind that makes you fear for your life. Thanks to the butcher apron and comment on bone structure, I'd expect about a 90% chance that he'd make a skin suit out of me: Grade: F-- get the HECK away from me