5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

Inspired by @Laflamablanca91
  1. I take a lot of selfies and I don't have a bed-frame but I make up for it with my book collection
  2. hahahahaha my girlfriends drunk as shit on New Years, plus boy who looks like James Franco in Pineapple Express (obvi not a good pic to portray this fact)
  3. Took this photo from the inside of my car before pulling out of my local Chevron because I love the way light reflects on the pavement when it's raining
  4. This maple bacon donut from the San Luis Obispo Donut Company is one of my favorite donuts. My best friend doesn't have any social media, so I screen cap my posts when I feel they're particularly note-worthy / I think I'm being clever / when I want to tell her about some aspect of my day but am too lazy to type about it again
  5. New Years beebs💕