albums i'm really loving rn

heavy influence from being at beach goth this past weekend!
  1. Ape in Pink Marble (2016) - Devendra Banhart
    "why's the moon so bright? why are you so nice?" // devendra is the cutest lil beeb i've ever seen and he performed several songs off this new album in the pouring rain and it was perfect
  2. When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired (2016) - Mothers
  3. International Man of Misery (2013) - Jerry Paper
    eVeRyThiNG iS ShiTty ~*~*~*~ ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba bow bow bow
  4. How to Be a Human Being (2016) - Glass Animals
    for dancing, being productive, and feeling happy
  5. Three (2016) - Phantogram
    fyi sarah barthel's dog has the cutest instagram (@ leroythegoodboy)
  6. The Dreaming Room (2016) - Laura Mvula
    ok so i actually haven't listened to this one yet - i was just excited to discover she released an album this year! "she" off of her 2013 album sing to the moon is still one of the most beautiful, inspiring, and empowering songs i've ever heard.
  7. The Waterfall (2015) - My Morning Jacket
    the song "only memories remain" came up on my spotify discover weekly over summer - it was great timing because i was pretty sad over a breakup. i decided to revisit it this week and i wonder if maybe i shouldn't play that song so much. anyways, the album is beautiful too.
  8. At Dawn (2001) - My Morning Jacket
    i listened to this for the first time today at work and it was a doozy (emotionally)
  9. Funeral (2004) - Arcade Fire
    i thought that the suburbs was my favorite arcade fire album but i was wrong. this album makes me so happy! i also recently learned that within the span of a year or so, several members of the band had a family member pass away. this album was written in the aftermath of all that, which is such a beautiful thing
  10. James Blake (2011) - James Blake
    ok so i've been sleepin on james blake but i saw him perform this past weekend and !!!!!! holy shit. i get it now. what a fucking babe.
  11. Leaving (2014) - Spooky Black
    he goes by his real name corbin now, but this album was released while he performed under spooky black. this album is kinda like a cross between chet faker and king krule, so if you're into that definitely check him out. also saw him perform this past weekend - he was wearing a t-shirt with a photo of two dogs on it, and sweatpants (only one dog on it tho). listen to "dj khaled is my father". you won't regret it.