As said by a friend who carries Tapatío packets around with her: "Gotta have that spice in my life."
  1. Chester's Flamin' Hot Fries
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    What's actually in these even? Lots of Red 40 and GMO corn, probably, but they're fucking addicting, and I will always love them. Also gluten free for those of you who fuck w that
  2. Avocado toast w chili flakes
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    Plus pink sea salt, cracked black pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Heaven on earth tbh
  3. Trader Joe's Thai Lime & Chili Cashews
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    Apparently some people think these are gross but I can't get enough
  4. Chili oil
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    Not actually a snack, but a delicious condiment
  5. Spicy popcorn chicken
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    Preferably from Boba Tea House, but it's probably the same at most boba places that sell spicy popcorn chicken. Ideally paired with this sauce which is sweet and not ketchup (I have no other information).
  6. Shin Ramyun
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    Especially perfect with an egg (dropped in while cooking, or fried and placed on top)