I'll Swipe Right for That

Tinder is a game and I spend too much time playing
  1. guys who have the same / similar top Spotify Artists as me
    Tinder now allows you to integrate your Spotify account to your profile which was an excellent move on their part
  2. a solid Tinder Anthem
    I'm embarrassed to be listing this but you can pick a theme song called "My Anthem". This guy - !!!!! Also some other dude had "Coffee" by Sylvan Esso and it was game over (mine is "You Can Do It" by Ice Cube if u were wondering)
  3. a funny bio
  4. pic of guy laughing / candid smile
    boys can be so cute when they want to be
  5. amuisng profile pics
  6. boys who have a sense of style
  7. guys with photos like this
    ya I also hate myself