Music I'm into this week

Heavily influenced by /r/indieheads and my Spotify Discover Weekly. Inspired by @dev
  1. Portamento (2011) - The Drums
    I think one of their songs came up on my Discover Weekly. Also, realizing I've been in the mood to listen to a lot of 2000ish indie rock lately
  2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (2005) - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    Someone told me to listen to this in May and I finally got around to it. Played it in a car ride with a friend last week and coincidentally, while watching old episodes of The Office the next day, we heard it featured at Jim's house party (the one Michael wasn't invited to)!
  3. Since I Left You (2000) - The Avalanches
    They just dropped a new album, but I had never even heard of/listened to their first one!! Also if you feel like laughing and crying, watch the music video for "Since I Left You":
  4. Apologies To The Queen Mary (2005) - Wolf Parade
    Frequently listened to a few songs off this in high school, but never listened to the album in full until now. Favorites: "I'll Believe In Anything" and "Dinner Bells"
  5. IV (2016) - Badbadnotgood
    Had the opportunity to see them play at Coachella w @kalane and friends this past year and they were so fun! Loving the new album and in particular, "Time Moves Slow", featuring Sam Herring of Future Islands.
  6. Made to Measure (2016) - Darkstar
    Found this on a Pitchfork New Release article. I don't know too much about the band but I'm diggin this single's sound!
  7. Gist Is (2014) - Adult Jazz
    Another gem I found on /r/indieheads, and another album/artist I didn't know existed until recently. They also have a new album out, which I haven't yet listened to.
  8. Freetown Sound (2016) - Blood Orange
    Now playing 😎🎧
  9. Nothing's Real (2016) - Shura
    A long-awaited debut from an absolute babe. Saw her perform in LA at The Echo in early 2015, and it was such a treat! If you enjoy Sam Smith, Jessie Ware, and/or Disclosure, you'll love this. Also watch one of the most beautiful music videos ever, "Touch", here:
  10. "Sun Was High (And So Was I)" - Best Coast
    Specifically, this lil bathroom rendition (ft. baby Best Coast!! 👶):
  11. "Counting" - Autre Ne Veut
    Off the album Anxiety (2013). Haven't gotten around to giving it a good listen, but this song has graced nearly all of my current Spotify playlists.