Guess who spent too much at Lush last weekend...
  1. Angels on Bare Skin - Face and Body Cleanser
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    A mild cleanser that works really well for my combination skin. Has scrubby almonds, lavender oil, and lavender flowers! Also fun to use for the sensory experience - requires mixing with some water.
  2. Cup 'O Coffee - Face and Body Mask
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    Lush sales associates can be a little extra when it comes to pushing products - one girl just swiped this on my hand during my last visit. However, when I washed it off in a bowl of sparkly, bright blue bath bomb water (in true Lush fashion), my skin felt really smooth and looked fairly bright. A lovely mask to use right when you wake up - it only requires five or ten minutes. Can be a bit abrasive while washing off, so I limit to once a week use / wouldn't recommend for sensitive skin types.
  3. Tender Is the Night - Massage Bar
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    I am a fan of the massage bar idea, but not so much of most of the scents. This one is an exception - sweet but not too sweet vanilla and jasmine. Best used after a shower and you've shaved your legs, and are going to put on soft pajamas / crawl into bed. Can use in place of lotion and perfume, and a little goes a long way.