My Perfect Sunday

Inspired by @mindy
  1. Wake up around 9am with the sun shining into bedroom window
  2. Play "weekend morning" Spotify playlist
  3. Make a killer breakfast
    One or a combo of the following: eggs benedict, French toast, a sweet potato hash with a fried egg, avocado toast with a poached egg on top, fresh fruit (think berries, peaches, mangoes), or maybe pancakes.... Served with coffee made from that cute Bialetti espresso maker you stole from an ex
  4. Read and/or journal over breakfast
    Playlist still going strong
  5. Take a 30-60 minute nap
    See "Those are the best naps" list
  6. Eat lunch
    Preferably some kind of light salad, maybe with arugula. Pair with a bottle of San Pellegrino with mint.
  7. Play with friends
    Some choice activities: taking a small day trip, getting ice cream, taking a walk, completing an errand or two, buying flowers, shopping
  8. Eat dinner with friends. Laugh a lot.
    Pick something better than Chipotle but not something high-commitment like all you can eat KBQQ.
  9. Return home
  10. Take a warm shower or bath
  11. Put on a face mask and moisturize with a Lush massage bar
  12. Pack lunch for Monday
  13. Wash off mask and read a bit
  14. Fall asleep instantly