new years

road trip up to sf
  1. @ oakland bridge ilu
  2. breakbot and a seance, pt 1
    @bbsnlz's high school boyfriend plant........ lmao
  3. pt 2
  4. a lot of luv
  5. "thinking about my small existence"
    also hungover but thankful to have eaten a breakfast biscuit sandwich w eggs, bacon, avo, and garlic aioli
  6. tbh my participation in this new years trip was centered around this reformation dress
  7. and also anderson .paak
    what. a. babe !!!!!!!
  8. and also bb kaytranada💕
  9. blurry af but happy new year 🎊
  10. found an alley of murals in the mission district the next day
  11. !!!!!!!!!
  12. living in a dream
  13. "that's me and my bloody mary." - dev
    eat a meal at kitchen story !!!!!! and get a bloody mary 🍅
  14. plant actually went out in this
  15. it was raining
  16. plant passed out in our airbnb
  17. he had nice socks on at least
  18. somewhere on the 101
  19. some day i'll actually do more in big sur than visit this viewpoint
    although it's still beautiful every time i see it.
  20. in light of the recent election and current state of affairs, i'm not sure what 2017 holds. but at least for a moment in 2017, obama was still president and i had an amazing time with beautiful people in beautiful places. i am thankful.