miss u, hope ur doing well
  1. xander and his husband
    in 2014 my boyfriend at the time and i road tripped across the us to go to bonnaroo. on the way back, we stayed at the sweetest couple's house. they made us breakfast, had two dogs named after composers (xander was a pianist/chamber musician), and were in the process of planning their wedding. i think they got married some time in 2015 (my ex got an invite)
  2. jordan from the expo line
    after a long weekend at fyf @bbsnlz and i met a very nice boy on the expo line. he was on his way home to santa monica. we were all exhausted and at a point i said, "you're really nice." he smiled and said, "you both are really nice too." it was a small moment but still v sweet.
  3. this parisian couple
    against my will, i was on a hop-on-hop-off tour bus in paris (my oldest sister was tired of walking -.-). but while trying to take a photo of the eiffel tower i caught this moment between this parisian couple. i love her outfit.