Some Things I Made and Ate This Week Pt 2

I realize I'm posting this on a Tuesday so idk I guess I just mean the past 7 days. Also I'm eatin ALL the berries because summer
  1. Breakfast this morning
    peanut butter and berries on toast
  2. "The Works" funnel cake
    A funnel cake topped with strawberries, powdered sugar, whipped cream, strawberry ice cream, and chocolate fudge sauce. I ate this after eating a giant carne asada burrito and two margaritas. Almost threw up (but hey it was the 4th of July I was celebrating
  3. A chocolate chip cookie from my favorite local coffee shop
    Once I ordered this I proceeded to eat chocolate chip cookies for the next three consecutive days
  4. Kashi oatmeal chocolate chip cookie
    w cold brew and berries
  5. Raw chocolate fudge topped w sea salt and cayenne pepper
    Hello. 👅👅👅 (recipe from
  6. Sometimes all the food doesn't make it to the pic
    because I've started eating. Avocado toast w basil and tomatoes from my mom's garden + feta. That dark stuff is sautéed red onions, Swiss chard, and purple kale, w a lil fried egg nestled inside
  7. TFW your breakfast turns into a galaxy !!!!!!!! ☄✨💫 beet bowl topped w almond butter, berries, mango, and hemp seeds.