Based off a discussion @aureliaurita and I were having one afternoon. We were talking about conditions for the best naps, but our conversation quickly concluded to: Every nap is the best nap. Below are some of the naps we discussed and some I've thought of since then.
  1. Waking up, eating a delicious and satisfying breakfast, and then going back to bed.
    Those are the best naps.
  2. Lying down on a plush couch, beneath a plush comforter, reading a book you really enjoy, while it's raining / overcast outside, and then falling asleep.
    Those are the best naps.
  3. Enjoying a tasty lunch on a warm afternoon (maybe outside!), and then going home to take a nap while the sun shines through your window.
    Those are the best naps.
  4. Going over to your best friend's house to get something done / run errands together, but you both end up falling asleep while watching Netflix
    Minimum nap duration two hours. Max five. Best not to do this one too late in the afternoon, otherwise you'll be upset when you wake up and it's dark outside. Those are the best naps.
  5. Having a productive morning and then realizing around 1pm that it's optimum nap time