Life's Most Stressful Situations

  1. When the waitress comes to your table, asks if everyone's ready to order, and someone says yes for the group, but you're not
  2. When your row is up next to file out of the plane but your book bag is stuck under the seat so you hold everyone up
  3. When you have to flick through the exam just looking for a problem you know the answer to
  4. When you get the same letter for multiple choice questions two or more times in a row
  5. When your classmates are talking about how they did a problem on an exam and you did it another way
  6. To echo above statements: exams in general
  7. When you try on a ring in a shop and can't get it off again
  8. The moment you smell the rubbing alcohol that comes 3 seconds before the shot
  9. When you lose your mom in the grocery store
    applies to ages 3-100