When you're a kid, you just like things, and no one has to teach you to like those things. Here's a list of things I was naturally enthralled by as a child.
  1. Hiding Places
    From a place between the bushes and fence at one house, to my closet, to cubby holes, to multiple tents and forts, I loved finding small, quiet spaces where (I could pretend) no one could find me.
  2. Old Things
    Specifically medieval, most likely due to my Dad reading all of the Narnia books to me and my sister before we were six. I read anything related to Robin Hood or King Arthur and most of the Redwall series. Built cardboard castles in the backyard (hiding places again!), fought the White Witch's army in my plastic "Armor of God".
  3. Telling Stories
    These instances I don't remember as well, but we have the evidence. 1) a video of me (age 5) putting on a paper puppet production of Adam and Eve... and inserting myself into the story as "The Big Lady". 2) My mom writing down a story I had drawn involving a star superhero who saved people from bad guys.
  4. Justice
    Storytime: I was maybe 7 years old and at a gym day for homeschooled kids at a local church. A boy standing in the next line over from me seemed to be picking on a smaller boy next to him. With no hesitation (that I recall) I marched up to the older (and significantly larger) boy, indicated a wall at the far side of the gym and said, "Meet me over there after class!" When my mother came to pick me up later, she thought I was waiting for a friend. I never had words with that boy like I wanted to.
  5. Justice, part two
    Shortly after I turned one, I gained a younger sister named Sarah. According to my mother, one of my first sentences that I said was, "No, Sawah, dat's mine!" I also did not like telling lies. I was very bad at it.
  6. Codes
    Up until I was 18, there was a part of my brain that was convinced that everyone had gone through a phase where they lived codes as a kid. I knew multiple ways to code and de-code a text, and treasured some spy gear I had (that I'm guessing I got for Christmas/a birthday). I think it translated into my current love for linguistics.