1. Any kind of Music
    Especially jazz!
  2. Art
    Murals in cities on crumbling brick walls and their culture and self expression!!!
  3. Dancing and movement
    It's so freeing
  4. Cosplay
    Recreating movie costumes and recreating a fandom universe!!
  5. Fandoms
    Dr who, marvel universe, etc.
  6. Shakespeare!!
    Nuff said
  7. Comedy and improv
    All of the ideas and creativity if improv makes me want to start new projects and use my creativity
  8. Poetry
  9. New languages
  10. Studying and learning how to do Accents from other parts of the world
  11. Acting
    Connecting to another humans souls and truths, changing your perspective
  12. Reading
    Delving into new unimagined world's
  13. Writing
    Pouring out my deepest thoughts, ideas, and feelings, and putting them into words in a beautiful way
  14. Rainy days
    And blueberry iced tea!!
  15. Nature
  16. Excersize
    That feeling after a run with the blood pumping through my legs and my heart pounding in my chest