Specifically the very dated Gold's Gym in Polanco, Mexico City
  1. The Stink Bombs: whether it's caused by your aversion to showering and deodorant, your incessant recycling of gym clothes before washing, or a glandular condition, your 10 foot funk radius has me bolting from machines mid workout.
  2. The Space Wasters: especially prevalent in the circuit training area, you are preening in front of the mirrors. Sitting on the machines and talking on phone or chatting with the other space wasters. Basically, you are at the gym and doing everything BUT working out.
  3. The Creative 'Genius'/Stranger Kicker: you brilliant genius you! Coming up with new ways and places to exercise that ensure you render whole areas un-enterable. I am looking at you Mr Jump-Roper who almost took my eye out on a machine as you swing that weapon around in the aerobic section.
  4. The Inappropriate Groomers: dear freak in the ladies lockers sitting in main area on a shared bench trimming her pubes with a woman shaver: YOU NASTY! You aren't far behind Miss toenail clipper!
  5. The LazyFuck Weight Monkey: the walls are papered with signs reminding you to replace your weights, so are you illiterate? Too many steroids????