I love this list idea because I'm a severely negative thinker and sometimes it's relieving to think about the beautiful things in life. ❤️
  1. An email for a job interview
  2. The smell of grass after rain
  3. A hug
  4. When my plane tires touch the ground after a safe landing
  5. Compliments that are sweet and innocent
  6. When my resume fits on one page
  7. When the ferry doors open right as I enter the terminal
  8. Sun showers
  9. When someone actually uses their signal when turning
  10. Surprises
  11. When I have money on an old MetroCard
  12. Reading magazines
  13. Getting my hair trimmed
  14. A full box of contacts
  15. Sand on my feet
  16. A good snow fall and a hot beverage
  17. Thin pizza crust
  18. When I make someone laugh