My Monday in Gifs/Pics

  1. 8:45
    Woke up...sort of...
  2. 9:00
    Somehow found the strength to take my pajamas off and put real clothes on.
  3. 9:05
    Brushed my teeth.
  4. 9:15
    Applied makeup to the best of my ability.
  5. 9:30 AM
    Drove to the ferry terminal. (Because Staten Island)
  6. 10:00
    Snapped this pic when I got on the ferry. It was just about to snow. I love New York.
  7. 10:05
    Took a power nap. The ferry ride is a good 25 minutes long.
  8. 10:40
    Got on the train. This was rough.
  9. 10:50
    Realized I was on the 1 train instead of the 4/5. Had to ride the west side to cross over to the east side. Fun times!
  10. 11:15
    Stopped to get coffee at Oren's. They're awesome. It was officially snowing, too.
  11. 11:30
    Had my Media Criticism class. We watched videos of Marlon Brando, analyzed paintings, and watched YouTube videos of Nicholas Cage losing his shit.
  12. 12:50
    Went to print out my readings and realized there was only one printer working. There were at least 40 people crowding around the printer and I just.couldn't.EVEN.
  13. 2:30
    Commuted back home, then took a selfie to trick myself into believing that I had a great day.
  14. 3:00
    Ate some lunch and watched TV.
  15. 4:00
    Tried to write.
  16. 4:30
    Had more coffee because it is my savior. All hail thy coffee. In the name of the espresso, the cream, and the holy sugar, AMEN.