Reasons Why You Should Visit Burlington, Vermont This Summer

I've been going to Burlington every summer for 6 years and after my first visit, it immediately became one of my favorite little cities in the U.S.! Maple syrup, cheese, bread, bars, Lake Champlain...what more could you ask for?! Here are some of the best places to go if you're in town!
  1. Penny Cluse Cafe
    This is by FAR the greatest breakfast you'll ever consume. The restaurant itself, is inside of an actual house, giving it that warm and cozy home-made breakfast feel. Recommend: Gingerbread Pancakes, Home Fries, and without a DOUBT — the maple walnut cream cheese.
  2. Sweetwaters
    This is my FAVORITE restaurant on Church Street! I swear they have the best Spinach and Artichoke Dip. (They melt Brie in it) Recommendations: Any burger (especially the black bean burger), fries, Spinach Artichoke Dip, and the Warm Apple Crisp.
  3. The Church Street Marketplace
    This is where it's AT! (Seriously — the majority of places on this list are located on Church Street!) It's a beautiful Marketplace filled with candy stores, cigar shops, restaurants, bars, thrift shops, and there's even a shopping mall! The waterfront is just a short 10 minute walk from Church Street if you want to catch the sunset before your night out. (There's also a free shuttle to take you down there) Be sure to look up at the gorgeous string lights on the corner of Church & College St.!
  4. The Island Line Trail/Colchester Causeway
    This scenic bike trail starts in Oakledge Park and continues alongside Lake Champlain for 14 miles. It eventually connects to the Colchester Causeway, which lies across Lake Champlain — seriously, you're biking over a massive lake, how cool is that? Since the trail stops in the middle of the lake, there's a 5 minute ferry ride you can take to continue your ride into South Hero, VT.
  5. Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea
    This is my favorite place to get coffee in Burlington, and believe me — they all know how make a good brew. Recommendation: Their iced latte's are large in quantity, high in quality, and light on the wallet.
  6. Splash at the Boathouse
    Okay, so this is might be a little touristy but it's a must. There's usually a wait time during sunset (especially on weekends) but they let you order drinks at the bar while you're waiting and grab a seat at one of their picnic tables — or even sit on the pier and watch the boats pull in! It's a beautiful outdoor summer time spot. (They're pet friendly too!) Recommendation: Coconut Shrimp with Mango Chipotle Sauce
  7. Splash at the Boathouse (cont.)'s a super insta-worthy spot! After dinner, if you're like me, you wanna show your friends just how incredible the view was!
  8. The Peace & Justice Store
    This place is so unique and important. They sell cool political bumper stickers, jewelry, books, pins, candles — anything your inner hippie desires!
  9. Waterfront Park
    Maybe after your lunch or dinner at Splash, you can take a walk along the beautiful Waterfront Park! The views are gorgeous any time of day, and there are a few bench swings facing the lake along the way.
  10. The Skinny Pancake
    Just get ALL THE CREPES. They also have awesome live music and comedy open mic nights!
  11. North Beach Park
    On your way up the Island Line Rail, you'll discover this gorgeous beach! Of course if you didn't want to bike, you can drive up (about a 5 minute drive from Church Street) and park in their lot. They have a little snack hut where they sell food, drinks, and ice cream! It Lifeguard's are on duty, even though the lake is normally calm and beautiful. Don't forget to take in the view of the Adirondack Mountains when you're going for a swim!
  12. Burlington Bay Market
    It might just seem like a market/liquor store, but they actually serve some delicious sandwiches! Recommendation: The Avocado BLT or The Irishman (Eggs, corned beef, home fries, and Swiss — in a wrap)
  13. Vermont Pub & Brewery
    If you're into trying a variety of different beers, Burlington is the place for you! Especially the VT Pub & Brewery. Recommendation: Watermelon Wheat
  14. Ben and Jerry's
    This is the ORIGINAL Ben & Jerry's! You can smell the sweetness from a block away! You can't take a trip to Burly and not have a scoop of Vermont's Finest ice cream!
  15. Burlington Records
    I've gotten some of my favorite records here over the last few years. They have a large section of soundtracks and comedy records which are always my personal faves. They even have bins filled with $1 records that are all in great shape! You could spend a good amount of time in here, so it might be best for a rainy day.
  16. Burlington is one of my favorite places in the world and I hope this list encourages you to visit one day!
    It's only a 6 hour drive from NYC, but you can also get there by plane! JetBlue flies to Burlington from JFK (The flight is about an hour). United and Delta fly to Burlington out of Newark! If you're traveling from upstate New York, you can take the Port Kent ferry right into Burlington from Chesterfield, NY. (Cars are allowed on ferry) Although Amtrak does have service to Burlington, I do not recommend it. I've done it twice and one time it took 13 hours. No thanks!
  17. The people are sweet, the mountains are green, and it's great for families, the adventurous, or the laid back folk.