Smorgasburg Recommendations!

Hey, NYC — Smorg is back! "It is the Woodstock of eating," says The New York Times. It's a weekend food market filled with over 100 vendors located at East River State Park (Kent Ave. and N. 7 St.) in Williamsburg; and Sunday in Prospect Park at Breeze Hill (Lincoln Rd. at Ocean Ave.) Open from 11am-6pm! They're outdoors until October!
  1. Dough
    Hands down, best donuts in NYC. Rena's Recommendation: Dulce de Leche or Toasted Coconut
  2. Kelvin Slush
    This is a MUST. At Kelvin, you choose the base flavor for your slush, then you choose a syrup flavor to add in! The flavors are so bold and they're extremely refreshing on a hot summer day. (Fun Fact: Certain events at Madison Square Garden serve Kelvin Slush — with alcohol! Say whaaaaa?!) Rena's Recommendation: Arnold Palmer with White Peach syrup
  3. Handsome Hanks Fish Hut
    They serve LARGE quantities of fish for an extremely reasonable price. Their Fish and Chips are most popular. Rena's Recommendation: Fried Shrimp with Lemon and Fries
  4. Bon Chovie
    I used to work at this very stand a few summers ago. Owner/Chef Renae is AMAZING! If you're looking to try something different, this is definitely the place to go. Everyone loves those fried anchovies! You can choose if you want the heads on (Jersey Style) or heads off (Original). They also offer delicious fish sandwiches and home made chips.
  5. Dan and John's Wings
    Just get the buffalo wings. Rena's Recommendation: GET ALL OF THE WINGS.
  6. Gooey & Co
    These mini butter cakes are to die for. (Fun Fact: They sell Gooey Cakes at Oren's Coffee on 71st and Lex!) Rena's Recommendation: Gooey Almond Cake and Gooey Maple Carrot Cake
  7. Grady's Cold Brew
    The most satisfying iced coffee in NYC. (Fun Fact: At The Meatball Shop on Bedford Ave., they serve a cocktail made with Grady's Cold Brew, Brooklyn Vodka, and heavy cream. It's only on the Williamsburg menu!)
  8. Home Frite
    This is a MUST. If you go to Smorg and you don't try these fries...did you even really go to Smorg? They're the 2015 winner of The Vendy Awards and once you taste them, you'll know why. Their variety of sauces is what makes these fries so delicious. Rena's Recommendation: The Herb-Ocado sauce
  9. Lonestar Empire
    They make an UNBELIEVABLE brisket sandwich.
  10. People's Pops
    These refreshing ice pops are made with 100% real fruit and are handmade in Brooklyn. Their flavors vary each weekend, but they're all so good. They also have shaved ice!
  11. The Good Batch
    I dare you to not finish one of these scrumptious ice cream sandwiches! Kids love 'em and adults secretly love 'em even more.
  12. Smorgasburg Tips: If you want to go to the Williamsburg Smorg and you're coming from Manhattan and don't want to take the L train to Bedford (or the L train at all) I highly recommend taking the East River Ferry to the N. Williamsburg stop. It drops you off right in front of the park! The ferry ride also has incredible views!
  13. Keep in mind, I only listed a few of the many vendors at Smorg, so you have to experience it for yourself! There are so many vendors that I haven't even tried yet! If you try something yummy, let me know and I'll add it to the list!
  14. IMPORTANT: If you're planning a trip, make sure you're ready to wait in line. The lines are long, but it's so worth it! Also, pack on that sunscreen — trust me.