Summer in NYC

I'll keep adding! Happy Summer! ☀️
  1. 6/19
    A rainbow after a stormy day 🌈
  2. 6/20
    Opening day! Brooklyn Cyclones vs Staten Island Yankees at MCU Park ⚾️
  3. 6/20
    A spur of the moment dip in Coney Island! 🌊
  4. 6/25
    View from the Staten Island ferry approaching lower Manhattan.
  5. 6/25
    Sunset over the Hudson from Battery Park City 🌃
  6. 6/27
    New Kids On the Block concert with my sister at Barclays Center!
  7. 6/28
    My dad after dinner in Sheepshead Bay
  8. 6/29
    Admiring my Miami tan after a run.
  9. 6/30
    Aunt Rena coming through with the ice pops!
  10. 6/30
    Gotta drink it cold and fast on a day like this!
  11. 6/30
    Cubed Rosé inside a glass of Prosecco ❤️
  12. 7/1
    Drinking some local New York beers with my best friend!
  13. 7/8
    The Italian Feast in Williamsburg, BK!
  14. 7/8
    I had to show off the plush Tigger I won from being an expert Wack-A-Mole player.
  15. 7/8
    I also won a fish at The Italian Feast so I took it down to Ulysses (bar on Pearl St.) and it's still alive and well. It has a lovely bowl with decorative stones at the bottom. It's name is also Ulysses.
  16. 7/9
    Piggy back ride in Battery Gardens!
  17. 7/10
    View from the Staten Island Ferry terminal (St.George side)