1. 5 CVS receipts
    And that's just from the last 2 days.
  2. 3 metro cards with under $1 on each
  3. A bottle of Vitamin C gummies
    Because pouring a glass of orange juice before I leave my house is just too time consuming.
  4. A TGI Fridays coupon
    In case every other restaurant in NYC shuts down unexpectedly.
  5. A pair of high heel boots
    In case the high heel boots I'm wearing right now begin to hurt.
  6. A sharpie
    In case I meet Ryan Gosling on the F train and need him to sign my body.
  7. Headphones
    They're mint green colored. I love them.
  8. A loose Advil
    Life gets this way sometimes.
  9. 63 cents
    Mostly in pennies, unfortunately.
  10. My D'Agostinos store card
    Not too sure why I still have this, I haven't lived in Manhattan in over two years.
  11. Contact solution
    I've been wearing the same pair of 2-week contacts for about 3 weeks now. Livin' on a prayer here.
  12. Peppermint Bark
    Whatever, it's Christmas.