1. Well, this is weird.
    They tried to divorce when I was two years old, but my three older siblings didn't want me to be separated from them. My parents listened.
  2. My parents chose to not break up my family and sacrificed their own happiness.
    That was pretty brave, huh?
  3. How long could you actually bury feelings?
    When I turned 18, my parents decided to give the divorce another shot. It made sense. I was off to college, about to move into my apartment in Midtown East. My adulthood was just beginning.
  4. They changed their minds again.
    I moved back home after a year in Manhattan. (It's way cheaper to NOT live in Manhattan, if you didn't know that already) I was happy to be back home in my fluffy king sized bed. Then I remembered I was once again, surrounded by the constant negative energy that my parents created in the house.
  5. Three years later (current time), my parents decided to go for it again. This time, for real.
    No, I really they mean it this time! Our house has officially been sold. It's a strange feeling. This was my childhood home. Now it's just a house.
  6. I'm so happy for them.
    They're both in their sixties and have so much life ahead of them. Why continue to suffer?
  7. I know eventually I will be okay.
    Not sure where I'm going to be living in a year from now, but hey, life is unpredictable. That's the beauty of it, huh?
  8. I know eventually THEY will be okay.
    They deserve the best.
  9. After observing their relationship for so many years, it eventually affected my own love life.
    The lack of confidence I had in myself was scary at times. Did I feel like I didn't deserve someone wonderful?
  10. Now I know that I deserve to be admired, liked, and maybe even loved one day.
  11. More importantly -- I know that my parents deserve to be loved.
  12. I will stay focused.
    I'll continue to work hard and follow my dreams. I had a great internship at CBS and I currently have another great internship at VH1! I love working, I love television, I love what I do. ❤️📺
  13. I will try my best to continue to overcome my fears and have faith that one day -- everything will be okay.
  14. Life has a way of working itself out.
  15. I just have to step back and let it do its thing.
  16. Static