Trips I Took in 2017 far!
  1. Puerto Rico
    My annual January trip!
  2. Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day
    I traveled with The Daily Show as a Production Assistant and Runner on a shoot. Believe me, I wouldn't have attended this event, nor watched it on TV by choice, but it was a great work opportunity, they're incredible people to work with and it was my first time traveling for work as well!
  3. Mohegan Sun
    Spent a weekend in Connecticut with my mom playing some slots!
  4. Puerto Rico (Again)
    This was rough. My grandfather passed away and my brother and I surprised my dad by booking a trip overnight to keep him company and help with arrangements. Oddly enough, it was one of my favorite trips to P.R. because I got to spend an enormous amount of time with family. My grandpa would've loved to see us all reunited, so I'm glad we did. It really is the most beautiful island.
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada
    I'm so broke, I had to go to Vegas to see Italy. This was also my last college spring break trip ever! 😩
  6. Miami, Florida
    This was lovely.
  7. Burlington, Vermont
    This is also an annual trip. Spent July 4th weekend there!