November edition
  1. Eryn Allen Stone
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    Desi introduced me to her last night. Breathtakingly beautiful.
  2. Bibi Bourelly
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    Ego is my jam. Makes me feel like I can conquer anything.
  3. Alessia Cara
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    This one is kinda cheating bc I saw her in concert a few months ago. Her debut album did just come out and I am more than a little obsessed.
  4. Seinabo Sey
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    Another cheat on my list. Her album also came out this month and Poetic is my new fave.
  5. Zhu
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    The song is called Working For It and was instantly added to my workout mix.
  6. Jones
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    Hoops has been on repeat during my long drives. I'm eagerly awaiting her LA concert debut.
  7. DNCE
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    This group includes the oh so lovable Joe Jonas. Toothbrush is a catchy feel good tune. I need to give their EP SWAAY a good listen.
  8. Kevin Garrett
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    Someone tweeted about the song Refuse, I quickly looked it up on Spotify and was ready to ugly cry within minutes. Hauntingly beautiful. I got major Sam Smith and Frank Ocean vibes.
  9. Jahkoy
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    Still In Love is a song I picture myself listening to as I cruise down PCH with my sunnies on and the windows down. Jahkoy has Pharrell's seal of approval so I'm sure he is destined for greatness
  10. Trevor Wesley
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    I'm a little late to the party on this one. The song Chivalry Is Dead is super catchy and his EP drop is right around the corner.
  11. Santigold
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    I love me some Santigold and I am LOVING the new single Can't Get Enough Of Myself.
  12. Major Lazor
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    LOVE This Light It Up remix!
  13. Banks
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    I'm a fan of Banks and her new single Better.
  14. St. Lucia
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    Who doesn't love some synth pop? Dancing On Glass is a feel good single that gets my body moving.
  15. Glass Animals & Joey Badass
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    Lose Control, for when I'm trying to get hype.
  16. Missy Elliot
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    The queen is back. Need I say anything more?
  17. Ty Dolla $ign feat Babyface
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    Wouldn't call myself a fan of Ty but this acoustic single is solid indeed.
  18. Chance The Rapper
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    When I saw Chance open for Childish Gambino years ago I had no idea how impactful his music would be. Angels is just another example of his lyrical prowess.
  19. Nao
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    Bad Blood is a soulful R&B jam.
  20. Ariana Grande
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    Ariana's newest single is Focus. Gotta love a fun pop jam with an old school vibe.